Installing qt-faststart on Mac

qt-faststart is a command line tool that is used to move the meta data of a quicktime video file (or an h.264 video file). Videos converted to quicktime format (mp4) will have the meta data (named a "moov atom") located at the end of the file. In order to stream these types of files, that information needs to be sent to the browser first.

T o move the "moov atom" we will use qt-faststart. Inside the FFmpeg source code there is a directory named tools. Inside this directory is a file named "qt-faststart.c". We will need to compile this file and move the compiled version into our "/usr/local/bin" directory.

Provided your FFmpeg source code is still in "/usr/local/src":

cd /usr/local/src/ffmpeg-0.6.1/tools
make qt-faststart.c qt-faststart
sudo mv qt-faststart /usr/local/bin

There you go. Now after you convert a video into mp4 format you can run it through "qt-faststart" and get that moov atom meta data at the front of the file. Be advised that you can not use qt-faststart to read in and out of the same file simultaneously, you will need to create a temp file first and then rn the qt-faststart to the final destination. i.e.

qt-faststart temp-convertedVideo.mp4 convertedVideo.mp4